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Delux Ice Makers are brought to you by Streamline Refrigeration - one of the leading names in commercial refrigeration in Australia. Completely Australian owned and operated, Streamline refrigeration has been in the industry for over 15 years, servicing the food, beverage and hospitality industries.

At Streamline we are committed to the two key aspects of our business - quality control and innovation. We source and manufacture products using world class technology to give our Australian buyers complete value for money. Every product is thoroughly tested by our engineers to perform at its best in the local conditions. We back our excellent product range with efficient after sales service and maintenance support.

While we bring world class refrigeration products to the Australian market, at Streamline we are always looking out for new ideas and technologies to offer more value to our clients. Our research team is constantly working on discovering and creating new ways to make our machines perform better. Innovation and quality control are at the core of our business philosophy at Streamline Refrigeration.

The range of Delux Ice Makers has been specially selected for the local Australian market. It can perform at its best in the challenging conditions as well as various industrial environments. You can count on support by Streamline Refrigeration for our great service for complete peace of mind.

About Us
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